A brief history of Identity Games

Identity Games is a creator, producer, and publisher of international award-winning games perfect for children, adults, families, and friends! Check out our (newest) games and make your next game night unforgettably fun.


The company started in 1993 with developing custom-made games as a tool of communication. Over the years, Identity Games has developed hundreds of different games. The most iconic projects were teaching children how to spend and save money, commissioned by the Dutch government, special editions of the original Monopoly game under license of Hasbro, and a game on Apple products for the employees of the tech giant. Creating custom made games is still an important business unit within the company.

Innovation and creativity

On the retail side, Identity Games developed an impressive collection of award winning game products. Back in the day, the company created one of the first DVD board games, Wildlife; the first electronic game board for iPad, the GameChanger; and one of its biggest successes ever, Boom Boom Balloon, later on, acquired by Spinmaster. After that, the Poopyhead game, Elmo Hide & Seek, and Mouthguard Challenge became the company’s bestsellers.

At this point, the creative people in the company spend most of their time creating puzzles and mysteries for a Escape Room – The Game, making the global trend available at home. For the US market, the company partners with Spinmaster that has launched Escape Room – The Game at Gen Con in August 2016. At this moment, more than 1,3 million units and expansion sets have been sold. In 2018, Identity Games has launched the Virtual Reality edition of Escape Room the game.

Find It®

One of the most relevant US product lines is called ‘Find It Games’. The brand, acquired by the company in 2013, is an American evergreen and sold over 3 million copies over the years. Under the umbrella ‘Focus and Concentration’, Find It Games do well at schools, among children and even in the back seat of your car. Identity Games USA sells their products to both specialty stores and mass retailers. ”

Identity Games focusses on million $ brands, million $ customers and million $ producers.

International awards

One of Identity Games’ shareholders is Dutch TV company Talpa, that developed the worldwide hit ‘The Voice of …’. Since then, Identity Games has created many board games based on TV series. Identity Games has one more than 30 international awards.

Where technology becomes a more important part of toys and games in the future, the creative people of Identity Games will make sure more award-winning products are under development.”

Prize box

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