Escape Room VR wins Game of the Year Award in The Netherlands!

And the winner is Escape Room VR!

The Dutch votes have been counted, and the winner for Game of the Year 18+ is Escape Room VR.

Escape Room The Game is an innovative gaming experience that gives you the engaging feeling of escaping a real-life escape room thanks to true virtual reality. See if you can escape the “Submarine” or make it from “Behind Enemy Lines” before it’s too late. Will you make it alone? Will you leave friends and family behind? It’s up to you!

A truly immersive escape room experience, you’ll use a combination of virtual reality (VR) goggles, Chrono Decoder box, digital apps, and hint cards to find your way through this complicated maze before the time runs out. With just 60 minutes before you get locked away forever, every moment counts as you race against time and your friends to be the one who gets away.

The aim of the game is to find the right code within all three phases of the game. Once you’ve find the code consisting of 4 keys, you’ll enter them into the Chrono Decoder. Along the way you’ll discover clues, stumble upon secrets, and find the answers you need to be the first to escape.