Got a teen on your list? Skip the ho-ho-ho for ha-ha-ha with Mouthguard Challenge!

Mouthguard Challenge – Press release

Whether you say it, spell it or sing it, hilarious fun is guaranteed as Alex Mandel (Howie’s Boy) challenges you to over 1000 tasks!

Snohomish, WA (October 4, 2017) – Remember when you were a kid and had to spell M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I aloud? That was fun, right? Now imagine having to say or spell it with a mouthguard separating your lips from your teeth! Impossible? Improbable? That’s one of a thousand tasks of Mouthguard Challenge Extreme ($14.99) from funnyman Alex Mandel, son of comedian Howie Mandel. What started as a YouTube goofy video has become a family friendly game perfect for Holiday 2017 giving.

Launched earlier this year, the game has been updated with six flexible (and unbreakable) mouthguards plus 1,100 challenges. Pick a card, do the challenge and hope the other players can read your separated lips! It’s OMG fun! There are simple Say It cards with categories from Movie Lines, Famous Landmarks or From/To as in from Alabama to San Francisco.

Pick a different challenge with Do It tasks like make noises like a cow (as in moo). It’s impossible to make the “m” sound but you have to try! Take the game up another notch and try Extreme Challenges, best for the oldest teens and college kids on your list. Try this at home: Put a large marshmallow in your mouth then say “chubby bunny.” Add a marshmallow and repeat. The player who can fit the most marshmallows in their mouth, wins.

Playing time is confined to 15 minutes. Laughing out loud will last all night! Complete instructions are tucked into every Mouthguard Challenge designed for 2 to 6 players. And hey mom, the mouthguards are dishwasher safe.

Mouthguard Challenge Extreme • Ages 12+ • $14.99

Have you seen this challenge on YouTube? Try not to laugh out loud. Now take the challenge at home, if you dare. Game includes 1,100 task cards and 6 plastic/flexible mouth guards. Giggling, drooling and unforgettable moments are guaranteed! The boxed set can handle up to 6 players. New and expanded edition!