I never cared much or participated in sports growing up

I never cared much of participated in sports growing up

Except for Dodgeball

I liked throwing a Frisbee and riding a bike. That was pretty much the extent of my sports activities.

Except for playing Dodge Ball.
I was the bomb, the master, the king of the hill, the top dog.  No one could beat me.  Really, I was that good. At school during recess or in gym I was always the last guy standing when we played Dodge Ball.

My Dodge Ball days are pretty much over. I’m not as young as I used to be and dodging, running, sliding, jumping and throwing a ball take just a little too much out of me. And that’s OK, because Identity Games has brought Dodge Ball indoor with its Dodge Ball tabletop game.
Up to four people can play-from kids to adults.It’s simple, fun and usually lasts no more than 15 minutes.

Here’s how it’s played.
Each player gets a Dodge Ball Goblet and several Mini Dodge Balls depending on how many play. The balls are placed in the Goblet. In the center of the action is the Dodge Ball Arena. In the middle of the Arena is a blue clad player with a Dodge Ball head who wears a blue cap.
Each player sits behind their green Dodge Ball player perched on a movable platform/handle.
As the blue player turns with his thrown Dodge Ball in front of him players must press their handles to make their players dodge the swirling ball.
Before the pitched ball comes around again players who managed to miss getting their players heads knocked off add a red ball to their Goblet pole.
If they lose their head they start over again. The first player to successfully place all their balls on their Goblet pole wins!
Its fast, challenges players’ dexterity and reflexes and skill.
There are several ways to play, as outlined in the instructions.

Whatever way you choose to play, Dodge Ball is a great, family-friendly game.

Review by Boyce McClains’s Collectors’ Corner.