Invite Elmo to hide and seek with clues heard in that familiar voice

Elmo’s World Hide & Seek- Press release

Elmo’s World Hide & Seek lands on store shelves this month with a talking Elmo who hints so much more than “warmer” or “colder”

Snohomish, WA (August 9, 2017) – It’s hard to improve on a classic childhood game like Hide & Seek but Identity Games has done it with the help of everyone’s favorite red monster, Elmo! When you invite Elmo to play, he happily goes undercover to hide in a drawer or under the bed. Preschoolers listen for clues straight from the monster’s mouth. A few more searches in the direction of the audible clues and the big-eyed guy is found! “Yay, you found Elmo,” he praises and then adds his famous chuckle “hehehe.”

Elmo’s World Hide & Seek ($19.99) piggybacks on the success of Identity Games’ bestseller Miffy Hide and Seek, winner of the 2012 Toy of the Year in The Netherlands, world headquarters for Identity Games. As kids are kids no matter their homeland, hide and seek appeals to boys and girls as soon as they can toddle or walk.

Now arriving on store shelves and online, this adventurous Elmo is a treat for grownups too! First, they can’t resist smiling upon hearing his endearing voice. And second, mom or dad doesn’t have to “do” the hiding.

“One of the best purchases I have ever made,” writes a mom on Amazon after purchasing Miffy Hide & Seek this year. “Now hours of hide and seek with my toddler don’t involve me squished somewhere and forgotten.”

Based on the Elmo character from Elmo’s World/Sesame Street, the game includes a sturdy Elmo doll with sound, 24 location cards and game rules that grow as your child does! The only things parents add are AAA batteries.

Slide the “on” button hidden in Elmo’s foot and await the first of many clues from “Elmo is so happy you want to play hide and seek!” to “Try again to find Elmo.” Part of the fun of this game is the many levels grownups can offer for babies as young as six months.

Peek-a-boo with Elmo is as simple as hiding him under a blankie or stuffed animal. It reinforces the notion that out of sight does not mean the item has disappeared. Level 2 looks like the traditional hide & seek with tots closing their eyes while someone places Elmo in a nearby spot. Babies can crawl and preschoolers can stride to the sound of Elmo’s voice. As they enter the preschool years, use the enclosed game cards with illustrated clues. Have the child count to ten as Elmo is being hidden.

No matter the level of play, the smiles and joys from youngsters finally discovering the beloved red monster is always the same – wide eyes and bright smiles!

Since Elmo’s World Hide & Seek has gone on sale this month, the online reviews on Amazon have been pouring in with top praise:

“This is such a cool idea, and a really fun game to play with my little one! Using the talking Elmo figurine included in the kit (he’s about 6″ tall), I can hide Elmo and my child can search for him around the house using the clue cards provided (there are 24 in total pictures of everyday items — like a pillow, a couch etc.). I love that Elmo speaks while he’s hidden, it makes searching for him all that more exciting! We started out using just a couple of cards, but are now using many more in the course of a “seek”. This has become our favorite game to play!”

One mom suggests hitting the record button on your smartphone as silliness ensues!

“Great game to engage little ones and provides fun opportunities to practice spatial skills (which have been shown to improve math and language skills)! This game provides ideas and guidance for a wide level of ages and skills – from peek-a-boo with younger children to a scavenger hunt using the cards for older kids. Including phrases like ‘under the square pillow’ and ‘behind the tall vase’ as you play will contribute to increased spatial vocabulary and awareness, helping kids learn and play (and run off a little some of that seemingly endless energy they have) at the same time. On a less serious note, you gotta record the little ones seeking Elmo – super cute how they talk back to him while trying to find him. :-)”

Don’t worry if Elmo gets dirty, instructs one Amazon-purchasing parent:

“My L/O has a lot of fun with this game at home and we take it on the go. She loves to play the game outside and with her friends at the park. I like how the game is portable and she always laughs and smiles when she find Elmo. I think it is a great game for the little ones and very durable and easy to clean when Elmo gets into messes.”

Elmo’s World Hide & Seek • Ages 6 months+ • $19.99

Your best friend is hiding somewhere around the house – but Elmo won’t be gone for long! Based on a timeless play pattern, this game is a refreshing update to the beloved classic but with a twist — a sturdy toy figure that chirps out little hints when hidden. One player hides Elmo, while the other(s) use the encoded clue cards to find the red monster. A cheerful hint coming from afar might be “Elmo is here” or “try again to find Elmo.” These clues — heard in Elmo’s iconic voice — guide little seekers to the secret hiding place. Set includes 24 location cards plus suggested game rules. Great for tots up to about 5 years old. AAA batteries not included.