Invite the Dude and grownup game night will never, ever be the same!

Who’s The Dude? – Press release

Who’s The Dude? Is the hilarious charades game where every round includes the inflatable Dude doll!

Snohomish, WA (May 11, 2017 –The life of your next party won’t drink your beer, fart or use your bathroom. Perfect! And he’s in good-enough shape (there’s a little pot belly) to bend or move his limbs any which way. That’s a key factor, as you must include “him” in every round of a hilarious game called Who’s The Dude? ($24.99). Did we mention he’s a blowup doll? Toymaker Identity Games launches this party game nationwide this summer, starring on an endcap at Target June 15!

Wearing a green tank top and sporting dark shades, the Dude stands 5 feet at full (inflated) height. The boxed-game ground rules mimic the iconic game of charades. Yes, it’s wacky, maybe even a bit bawdy but that’s what grownup game night is all about! You know your friends better than anyone (ahem) so invite the Dude and set your iPhone to countdown 30 minutes.

Ready to play? Pick a charade card. With a light-as-air body, the Dude can pretty much perform any body movement conceived by each player! Pay attention if you can stop laughing. Can you guess what your friend and the Dude are doing in the wordless scene?

“…you might have to act out a scene from a movie,” explains blogger Purple Pawn with a straight face, “and you’re manipulating this inflated dude and bending him around and it’s a bit crazy. Imagine having to perform North By Northwest with an inflatable Dude as the biplane chases down Cary Grant or maybe you’ll have him hang off of your nose in the climatic Mount Rushmore scene.”

Each charade card instructs players to recreate a scene from a movie, act out a sport or a profession, and many other zany activities. The other players try to guess, within the time limit, what the heck you and the Dude are doing! Hilarity will ensue. Pass the Dude to the next player and begin again. The player that has the most points after 4 rounds (if you ever make it that far!) wins the game.

Who’s The Dude? • Ages 16+ • $24.99

In this 30-minute timed game, players divide into two (or more) teams and try not to laugh out loud as they pick a card and then act out the charade. Pose the life-size Dude as the Statue of Liberty or slap some imaginary handcuffs on his hands behind his back to get your teammates to guess you are a police officer. Each boxed game includes one inflatable Dude, 440 Charades plus 50 Score sheets. Game night will never, ever be the same!

As one of the first bloggers to play the game, Purple Pawn concludes, “I have a feeling that Identity Games has a hit on their hands with Who’s the Dude?”