Chomp-Itz Crocodile Dinner

Join the feeding frenzy!

Chomp-Itz Crocodile Dinner

Chomp-Itz® Crocodile Dinner is the crazy action game where putting on your Game Face gets a whole new meaning. Put on the crocodile mask and get ready for a feeding frenzy. As soon as you see the fish flying locate your fish and pick them up with your crocodile snout. As always, go for the gold! The first person to collect all of their fish and the gold fish wins!


  • 3 ultralight & durable Crocodile masks
  • 4 Blue fish, 4 Green fish, 4 Purple fish and 1 Gold fish
  • Ways to play

How to Play

One of the players puts all the fish in his hands and yells “ready, set, go”. Then he throws all the fish in the air. All players must drop to the floor on their hands and knees and start collecting their color fish. You can only use your mouth, so no hands! Once you have a fish in your mouth, put it on the table.

How to Win

As soon as you have all your fish on the table grab the gold fish. The player that has the gold fish in his mouth wins!

  • Average Play Time: 15 Minutes
  • Ages: 5 Years +
  • 2-3 Players

Chomp-Itz Crocodile Dinner – Commercial