Don’t Lose Your Head!

This family-friendly skill game really tests your hand-eye coordination and challenges you keep a straight face as you chase your player’s head across the room. Dodgeball is easily modified for players of different levels. Beginners can simply put the head back on their player and continue stacking, while experts must remove all of their dodgeballs before starting the stacking process again. Once all players have mastered Slow Mode switch to Fast Mode to discover who is the real dodgeball champ!

Protect the Face!

The schoolyard dodgeball champ is aiming for your player and it’s up to you to save them and win the game before your opponents. A skill game that’s friendly family and good for ages 8-88. Have you got what it takes to dip, dodge and move before he knocks your block off? Avoid getting hit or you’ll suffer a massive penalty!


  • Dodgeball Arena with Players
  • 4 Dodgeball Player Heads
  • 4 Dodgeball Goblets
  • 26 Mini Dodgeballs
  • Ways to Play

How to Play

While holding the goblet in one hand, players use their other hand to rack up the mini dodgeballs. Be careful while you stack them, because the center player is constantly spinning back and forth attempting to hit your character. Protect your player by pushing down the lever between each rotation.

How to Win

The first player to stack all of their dodgeballs wins.

  • Slow or Fast Mode Play
  • Ages: 8-88
  • 2-4 Players

*Requires three 1.5V AA Batteries. Not included.

Playing Dodgeball!