Find It® Adventure Games

Fun, Creative and Educational Treasure Hunting

Experience a One-of-a-Kind Travel Game

Kids love being challenged with engaging puzzles that get them thinking and having fun; parents love educational toys that get their children learning and improving their analytical skills.

That’s why we developed the Find It® treasure hunt and hidden object game series; a wonderful way that you and your children can learn, grown and have fun as an entire family. Better yet, these completely self-contained travel games are great for home, school or on the go!

These themed activity games get kids shaking, twisting and spinning their way to be the fastest to solve mysteries, find objects, search for colors and uncover each game’s secrets first.

Much more than a traditional board game, Find It® self-contained tubes contain up to 40 small items hidden deep within colorful pellets. All kids need to do is make the objects appear and track them before they once again hide amongst the surrounding pellets.

Here are just a few reasons why kids, parents and teachers everywhere love Find It® games:

  • They offer hours of fun and enjoyment for kids ages 6 and up
  • Everyone can play and learn, either solo or with friends and family
  • Great for early education, these games also teach shapes, colors, and reasoning
  • There are multiple game editions to suit your growing child
  • They’re completely self-contained so kids can play with them anywhere
  • They are kid-safe, easy-to-enjoy and compact for convenient travel

Find It® has been a trusted brand for nearly 15 years, providing kids and parents all over the globe with an engaging learning tool that keeps children interested and having fun. With more than 4 million sold and a new game every time you play, kids everywhere will love our great Find It® games!

Education and Learning Made Fun!

The best thing about Find It® games is that kids are learning and improving their cognitive skills with each flip, turn, twist and shake. They’ll learn to identify pictures, items, colors and numbers quickly, while also challenging themselves or their friends to be recognize pieces faster and with more consistency. Colorful, fun and engaging, these unique toys may be great for kids, but parents will love them for their ability to help children grow mentally and emotionally.

Great for kids ages 6+, get the Find It® hidden object game and dice for your child today and see how long it takes them to find all 40 pieces!

Enjoyed All Over the World

Find It® self-contained treasure hunt adventure games have been experienced by kids and adults of all ages, all over the globe. A wonderful learning tool and early education game, these travel games are designed to promote early learning through engaging and exciting hidden objects.

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How Retailers Find It

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