Focus and concentration for educators

A contained adventure

What is a Find It Game?

Part game, part activity, we call it a “contained adventure”. It’s a portable treasure hunt that goes with you everywhere.

Highly tactile, and sporting diverse themes, each game is filled with brightly colored pellets, and 40 small items – listed on the cap. Some are easy to find; others a bit harder. Twist and shake the game to find all the items – it’s that simple!

The Find It® game engages children from the very start. It’s …

  • Extremely durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect for classrooms and multi-use environments.

And there are so many ways to play!

Over 4 million Find It® games reside in homes, schools, therapy centers, and libraries around the country!

A Find It® game can boost Focus & Concentration.


It’s an integral part of every child’s growth and development.


Now, more than ever, children struggle with issues surrounding focus, concentration, and attention.

We’ve brought Focus and Play together in one great product – the Find It® Game!

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“Beware the Goldfish!”

A recent study by Microsoft highlighted a scary statistic: The average human attention span has been reduced to 8 seconds – less than that of the common goldfish!

This is bad news today for kids who struggle with Focus and Concentration – and parents who continue to battle the effects of ever-increasing “screen time”.

Find It® promotes Focus & Concentration!

Cal Newport, Georgetown professor and capabilities expert, says that “the ability to stay focused will be the superpower of the 21st century.”

You can help build these “future focus heroes” by enlisting games like Find It® into your day-to-day activities.

What should you do next?

1. Get ’em

Get all the difference Find It editions! We’ve made it easier than ever for educators to access Find It Games. Go to our store for an immediate purchase. Or simply call, or email through the contact page and let us know you’re ordering as an Educator. While retail pricing ranges from $20 – $25, we have special pricing available for Educators.

2. Use ’em

Integrate the Find It games into your class. have them available for kids to access throughout the day. The games can boost Focus & Concentration. You may be surprised at the results!

3. Share ’em

Let others in your field know about the Find It game. Tell parents to continue the activities at home. Your local toy store probably sells them. Let us know where you’re located and we check that out for you.

What our Happy Clients Say

NWO Apraxia Support serves children impacted by all types of invisible disabilities. We love the games so much.. I think they are great tools for calming kids in the midst of a sensory meltdown, practicing visual perceptual skills, increasing social interaction with peers, increase vocabulary

Beth McIntosh

My former pricipal had a Find It in her office for kids who needed a few minutes to cool down. I can't wait to use more of them in class. I wrote a grant request for the games so that all the teachers in my building can have them.

Melody Kuehn

Find It games are a great way to promote Every Child Ready To Read pre-reading practices: Reading, Writing, Talking, Singing and Playing. I've seen preschoolers talk about what they are looking for when they're finding objects in the game, especially when there is an adult helping them engage with the toy. These games are in our library's Early Learning Space because they promote the talking skills children need before they begin to read

Shannon DyeMonroe Library