Miffy Hide and Seek


Hide and Seek

Miffy Hide and Seek is a fun way for parents to introduce little ones to spatial ideas (under the pillow, next to the lamp) while building confidence and fostering important communication skills. This game is a wonderful way to bond with young children and can be used both at home and in preschool classrooms.

This groundbreaking early learning game for kids features Miffy, a cute, lovable bunny. Parents and caregivers can use the location cards to help your child to learn about colors, shapes, objects and more while seeking for this beloved character. Featuring easy-to-understand gameplay, small children will love playing with their new friend.

Hop, Hop, Hop to Early Learning

Adorable little Miffy calls out just to your child as they interact with her, the educational cards, and you! A wonderful way to bond with young children. This game can be played almost anywhere.


  • Miffy with Sounds
  • 24 Location cards
  • Ways to play

How to Play

Miffy Hide and Seek offers three levels of play based on the age and understanding of your child. You may choose Level 1 for infants and early learners, which begins with Peekaboo, then move up to Level 2 for toddlers who will love playing with Hide and Seek with Miffy. Level 3 incorporates Hide and Seek with multiple children, aiding in the development of social skills.

How to Win

Find Miffy and have fun!
  • Average Play Time: 10 Minutes
  • Ages: 6 Months to 4 Years
  • 2+ Players

*Requires two 1.5V AAA Batteries. Not included.

Identity Games: Miffy – Hide & Seek

Miffy, where are you? Miffy wants to play hide and seek. Your best friend is hiding somewhere around the house – but she won’t be gone for long! Based on a timeless play pattern, Miffy Hide & Seek is a refreshing update to the beloved classic and features a sturdy character that calls out just to your child as they interact with her. One player or parent hides Miffy, while the others use the enclosed clue cards to find her. A cheerful “I am here, I am here!” helps guide the players to the secret hiding place.