Don’t be the “Butt” of the Jokes!

There are few things as funny as a good poop joke, especially when that poop is sitting on your mom or dad’s head! Poopyhead is a slapstick card game that will have everyone rolling with laughter as they try to avoid being the “poopyhead” with every turn.

Will you be the first to squeeze the whoopie cushion of victory or will you be cause working for “Number 2!?” Get your friends and family together and see who’s got the skills to stay clean…or at least avoid being the “butt” of all the jokes.

Who Does Number 2 Work For?

A fast-paced game that’s easy to play for ages 6 and up, discard cards as quickly as you can to avoid being the Poopyhead. If you can stay cleaner than your rivals for five rounds, you’ll win!


  • 5 Poopies with Headband
  • Whoopie Cushion
  • 48 Playing Cards

How to Play

The object of the game is to get rid of your cards quickly! You’ll discard your cards based on ranking order of bathroom use (on game rules) until the first person with no cards squeezes the whoopie cushion. The person holding the most cards loses that round and gains a poopy. Play five rounds to determine the winner!

How to Win

Be the player wearing the least amount of poopies after five rounds.

  • Average Play Time: 20 Minutes
  • Ages: 6+
  • 2+ Players

Poopyhead – Commercial

What’s the scoop on poop? With the Poop emoji and books like Everyone Poops on the scene, poo is no longer taboo. Get in on the fun in this hilarious game, where #2 always wins!