Tweet Beats

Tweet Beats – Music tree with singing birds

Sweet birds that make you sing & dance!

Tweet Beats are birds that each have a unique sound to them. Place a Tweet Beat on any of the four branches of the Tweet Tree, and it will start making its own unique tune immediately.

Place up to four Tweet Beats to create unique and great songs! Each Tweet Beat has its own Beat, Low Melody, High Melody and Vocals.

A child learns everything about different sounds, songs and music styles. Next to this it is great for the eye-hand coordination and dance skills


  • Tweet Beats Tree
  • 4 Tweet Beats Birds
  • Playing Rules

How to Play

Start playing by placing the birds on the tree. The tree is the interactive music maker.

  • Ages: 14-48 months
  • 1+ Players

More information

  • Price: $22.99
  • SKU number: 3200

Collect them all!

There are many different and unique Tweet Beats. Each with their own music genre!