Who’s the Dude?

Who’s the Dude?

Play Charades with The Dude!

The only thing funnier than acting out hilarious charades is acting them out with The Dude! A 5’ tall inflatable prop, The Dude is the perfect game partner because he always has your back.

Together you’ll act out scenes from movies, silently reenact love ballads, and create side-splitting performances that will have your friends and guests rolling with laughter. Do the Conga, get arrested or go bowling —with every charade you successfully complete you’ll be that much closer to victory!

Who’s the Dude?

Play the ultimate game of charades with friends, family, and guests where both teens and adults act out 440 crazy charades. Each time you and The Dude are up, you’ll have 45 seconds to act out as many challenges as you can. With each correct guess, you’ll earn points until you and The Dude have won.


  • Life-Size Inflatable Dude (5’)
  • 110 Charade Cards
  • Score Sheets
  • Ways to Play

How to Play

Once it’s your turn, start the timer and then grab your first card. Read the underlined sentence out loud, start performing (silently) the action or charade shown, making sure you somehow involve The Dude. If someone guesses the right answer, you’ll both receive one point and you get to draw another card.  Keep repeating this process until the time is up.

How to Win

The player who has the most points after four (4) rounds wins.

  • Average Play Time: 30 Minutes
  • Ages: 16+
  • 3-8 Players

Hilarious party game with YouTube sensation Charles Trippy and The Dude

The life size Dude is your best friend in this hilarious party game! Perform as many charades as you can until the 45 seconds are up. Act out movie scenes, professions, love ballads and other ridiculous activities. The other players have to guess what you’re doing with the Dude!

Guava Juice: Who’s The Dude Challenge! (ft. Siblings)

My siblings and I go head to head to see who can use the dude better!

Who’s the Dude App

Download the Dude app with the timer and fun extras or use the timer/stopwatch on your phone and set it to 45 seconds.