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Chomp-Itz® Crocodile Dinner is the crazy action game where putting on your Game Face gets a whole new meaning. Put on the crocodile mask and get ready for a feeding frenzy. As soon as you see the fish flying locate your fish and pick them up with your crocodile snout. As always, go for the gold!

The first person to collect all of their fish and the gold fish wins!

Easily played both indoors and out, Chomp-Itz Crocodile Dinner can also be adapted to allow children of different ages or abilities to have fun together.
Join the feeding frenzy!

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Product Description

Slip on the crocodile mask and get ready for a feeding frenzy. As soon as you see the fish flying quickly collect your fish using your crocodile snout.

How to Play:

Players throw all of the fish into the air then drop to the floor to quickly pick up fish that match their mask color using their crocodile mouth. Remember, no hands! Players then place their fish in the agreed upon location as swiftly as possible. Older and more advanced players can place their fish further away or drop them into a cup or bowl to make the game fair or more challenging. Kids can find fun ways to move after they pick up their fish, such as skipping or hopping to their destination.
Get creative, have fun and use those gross motor skills!

How to Win:
  • As soon as you have correctly placed all of your fish, chomp the gold fish to win!
  • Average Play Time: 15 Minutes
  • Ages: 5
  • 2-3 Players
  • 3 ultralight & durable Crocodile masks
  • 4 Blue fish, 4 Green fish, 4 Purple fish and 1 Gold fish
  • Ways to Play

Reviews for Chomp-Itz Crocodile Dinner

  1. Dani

    My children loved Chomp-Itz! Wearing the masks and chasing down the fish provided hours of fun!

  2. Debbie

    I love finding a game that my oldest daughter can enjoy with her twin siblings and still be challenged. Everybody was laughing and trying to pick up items around the house before we even started the game. After a few rounds of “Extreme Chomp-Itz” which involved things like jumping jacks. giant hops, ringing the doorbell and waddling to get everywhere, the kids had burned off a bunch of energy and I had some great posts for Instagram. The kids wore the masks throughout the day (in the car, watching tv and even tried to eat dinner with them). Definitely a family favorite!

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