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Crozzit is what happens when you take Tic-Tac-Toe or Connect 4 and turn them into more exciting, faster-paced tile games where you’re trying to outsmart your opponent by being the first to connect your tile path from end to end.

A game for thinkers and strategists, Crozzit will challenge your reasoning ability but will also have you laughing with devious delight as you cut off your opponent before making your move to the “finish line”. A truly exciting and sometimes maddening experience, you’ll love finding new ones to stay one step ahead of your rival.

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Product Description

There’s nothing worse than seeing the finish line only to have your competitor cut you off before you reach the promised land! And in Crozzit, it’s all about creating a path that leads you to victory before your opponent even knows what’s coming. Cut them off with sound strategy and reach the end before they do.

How to Play:
    Players start on the opposite ends/sides of the playing board. Once the blue player has begun, you’ll alternate tile placement until you’ve connected your ever-growing tile chain to the other side. You can choose to block your opponent to keep them from winning along the way; but watch out, they’ll do the same to you.
How to Win:
  • Create an unbroken path with your colored tiles to connect them on two sides. The player who reaches the other side first wins.
  • Average Play Time: 20 Minutes
  • Ages: 8-88
  • 2 Players
  • Crozzit Game Board
  • 60 Small Tiles
  • 2 Large Tiles
  • Game Directions

Reviews for Crozzit

  1. Rah

    Fast moving game. Love that my two kids can play the game and enjoy playing it together. It has quickly become one of their favorite games.

  2. Amanda

    Got this as a gift for my dad. We love family game night.

  3. LiveWithLove

    We played this game with our 5-year-old son. He was able to figure out ways to block his adult opponents. He was able to understand the concept and begin to learn strategizing techniques, this game is great practice for that concept. Our 5 year old really enjoys playing the game and can play it for about an hour without him losing interest. He also enjoys using the board to make pictures and patterns out of as a side activity when we’re not playing the game together. This is a great game for kids. It has very simple instructions and the game pieces are very easy to understand. We also played it one on one as adults and it was a fun side thing to do while we were watching TV. I recommend it to anyone looking to buy it for their school-age children.

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