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The ultimate game of charades with friends, family, and guests, both teens and adults will get to act out 440 total people, things, places, and more. Each time you and The Dude are up, you’ll have 45 seconds to act out as many scenes as you can. With each right guess, you’ll earn points until you and The Dude have won.

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Product Description

Act out scenes together with the inflatable life-size Dude from movies, silently reenact love ballads, and create side-splitting performances that will have your friends and guests rolling with laughter. Once it’s your turn, start the timer and then grab your first card. Once you’ve read the underlined sentence out loud, start acting out (silently) the action or charade attached by cooperating with The Dude. If someone guesses the right answer, you’ll receive one point and get to draw another card until the time is up.

How to Win:
  • The player who has the most points after four (4) rounds wins.
  • Average Play Time: 30 Minutes
  • Ages: 16
  • 3-8 Players
  • Life-Size Inflatable Dude (5’)
  • 110 Charade Cards or you could say 440 Charades
  • Score Sheets
  • Ways to Play

Reviews for Who’s the Dude?

  1. Matt S

    We love this game in our home! Fun for the whole family.

  2. Anthony K.

    This game is Amazing! We had some friends in town visiting and we thought this looked like a fun game. We were correct! The entire time we were laughing and the best part about this game is that it is family friendly but, you can make it more edgy if you choose! Would definitely recommend!

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